Each year to get into the holiday spirit, my mom’s side of the family has a Ladies Day Out. It’s a holiday tradition meant to gather us together and celebrate the women in our family before the holidays.

One Saturday morning in November, we got up and busted our tails an hour-and-a-half away to Martinsville, IN to watch the owner of the Martinsville Candy Kitchen hand-pour candy canes. They are freaking awesome. Not too pepperminty, Not too sugary-sweet.

Holiday Traditions Martinsville Candy Kitchen
Martinsville Candy Kitchen

Once there, we proceeded to wipe them completely clean of all chocolates, candies, cookies, and ice cream...we tend to have a hurricane effect on places.

In the past, we have went to French Lick Winery – obviously – and shopped at the West Baden Hotel. My most favorite year is when we went to Kenny’s Cheese Farm – because CHEESE – and then to Glendale, KY. Which is known for it’s antique shops and The Whistle Stop. When you go The Whistle Stop (because you have to, I will make you), make sure to get a piece of the Coconut Cream Pie. It’s AMAZING. No other words to describe it.

Last year, we made our rounds at a couple of cute little shops here in Louisville. Tunie’s is a fan favorite as well as The Urban Farmhouse Market. Seriously, I freaking love that place, and now they have a clothing boutique; The Urban Farmgirls. I’m OBSESSED.

It’s More Than Just a Holiday Tradition

This tradition isn’t just for celebrating the holidays, and partaking in some retail therapy. There’s a great reason as to why all of this holiday hoopla began. It all started with the Five Sisters. They consist of my grandma (a.k.a Meme) and her four sisters; they are essentially the glue of my Mom’s family. It’s because of them that we’re so close knit.

If you don’t know us, we’re pretty much like a loud, giant, Italian family who always get together with too much food. Just not Italian…

Holiday Traditions Part One
The ladies of the family

I Absolutely Love This Holiday Tradition 

Mostly because it’s a celebration of some of my most respected female role models who have helped shape me into who I am today.

Starting with the Five Sisters and trickling down to my mother, aunts, and cousins. The sisters have left a legacy and I’ve only just recently realized how important that is.  Might have something to do with creating a legacy of my own…

Sure, the men were needed to supply the other chromosome, but the women are the reason we still gather all year long to celebrate everything from the beginning of the holiday season to Black Friday, birthdays, and even sporting events.

Holiday traditions Martinsville Candy Kitchen
Homemade Soda

(Yes, Black Friday deserves a special call-out. I could write an entire post as to why. Let’s just say we’re the crazies…don’t judge.)

The realization came together for me in one moment

All five of the sisters were sitting in Meme’s living room chit-chatting when it really sank in. Seeing them sitting together sharing stories and razzing on each other it became clear to me that they have always been the foundation for everyone else. It’s because of them that I have strong women in my family who surround and support me.

I think it’s so awesome that we take the time to get together each year and celebrate us while doing things we love; like spending time together, and shopping for things we don’t need…and drinking wine… ; )  

Since my little spark of inspiration to start a blog talking about and celebrating women, it’s only fitting that one of my favorite traditions for one of my favorite holidays begins with the greatest support system I could ever ask for.

Take some time this season to celebrate your tribe and start a new tradition of your own. You won’t be sorry!