Christmas came and went. It was fast, furious, and anything but uneventful.

In the week leading up to it, we had to battle a stomach virus, holiday parties, head colds, and last minute shopping, but we made it no worse for the wear.

It was Little Man’s first Christmas, and as magical and sparkling as I wanted it to be, he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the toys beneath it…I’m sure next year will be a little more exciting.                      Little Man eating Banana Cake Little Man begins Holiday Tradition

To cap off this holiday season I’m going to share another holiday tradition that’s rich in family and some of that sparkling magic I can’t wait to share with Little Man.

The Ferree Way 

Last October, my Great Grandma Ferree passed away. To keep her memory alive during Christmas we got together with my Great Aunt to bake a cake out of my Great-Grandma’s cookbook; The Ferree Way.

Banana Cake Holiday Tradition Making

This cookbook isn’t a typical cookbook. It’s more like a journal that outlines everything from canning, cakes, jams, salads, and butchering. Yes, butchering. There’s an entry on how to butcher a beef.

 Banana Cake

One of the best recipes is the Banana Cake. 

Like, I wish you all could taste it from the pictures because the caramel icing is literal heaven. The cake is dense, and moist, and oh so yummy. But you’re not supposed to eat till Day 3 after baking…don’t ask me why, but Day 3 is the magic number, and it’s true.Banana Cake Icing

What makes this tradition so special is my Great Aunt Shelley. Her house is a Christmas Wonderland. There’s music in the background, decorations everywhere, candles lit, and baked goods lining the counter tops.

You’re also guaranteed to leave 5lbs heavier when you go visit. There’s always something cooking and something already made. I think she’s just always ready to host people in her home.

That’s what the Ferree’s do. Everyone is welcome, no one is a stranger, and you have to eat!Banana Cake complete

It’s family that make the traditions sparkle with magic, and that make you want to relive them year after year.

I can’t wait to share these moments with my Little’s and create some magic of our own.

– Shelby


  1. Shelby, you certainly have a way of making me feel at home when reading your blog!! I desperately want that banana cake recipe! Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Thanks love!! I will definitely be posting the recipe since I have gotten such a strong response for it! Thanks for your continued support! Stay tuned!