I don’t know if it’s my age or the alignment of the planets or what, but I know SO MANY people having babies. And with all these babies there are endless baby showers. 

Before having my own, I was THE WORST gift giver. Like, so bad that I just gave gift cards, becuase it was easy and gave me an opt-out of actually having to put any real thought into what to get the person.

Now that I have Little Foot, and with the newborn phase right in the rearview mirror of life, I can give thoughtful, will-actually-use, worthwhile gifts. I consider these my must-have items to help get through the newborn phase and, if you’re breastfeeding, help you stay committed.

Why specific to the newborn phase? Well, Little Foot was a bit of a high-needs baby. Meaning he was kinda colicky. All I did for the first three months of his life was find new ways to soothe him so he didn’t fuss or cry. The easiest answer to this problem? Just give-in and hold him ALL THE TIME. But that’s not always realistic or practical.

Especially when you’re trying to eat lunch, while watching Downton Abbey, and fix Lactation Cookies all at the same time. In that case – you wear him.

So, without further ado. Here is my list of Newborn and Breastfeeding Survival Must Haves:

Newborn and Breastfeeding Survival Must Haves

Bobby Pillow – I used this EVERY DAY till Little Foot was about 6 months old. At which point he was starting to sit-up on his own and was big enough that I didn’t need to prop him in my lap when nursing.

Newborn Rock ‘N’ Play – This thing is a literal lifesaver. Like seriously, forget the bassinet that’s been in your family for 6 generations and get the Rock ‘N’ Play. Little Foot took naps and slept in this till he was about 4 months old. The best part is that it was tall enough to pull right up next to the side of the bed so it was super easy to get him in and out in the middle of the night for all those night feedings.

Milk Snob Cover – I found this gem through Instagram. The fabric is perfect, it’s lightweight and breathable so neither of you get hot, but it also acts as a car seat and shopping cart cover. And becuase it’s like a poncho it stays in place so much better than some of those drapery style covers that just have the strap that go around your neck. Much less chance of an accidental nipslip…unless you’re into that sort of thing ; )

Muslin Swaddles – Again, LIFE SAVER. I think I took at least 5 videos of Little Foot being a fussy baby and then instantly getting quiet once he was all swaddled up for his nap or bedtime. There was a time when we WOULD NOT nap unless he was wrapped-up in his swaddle as snug as a bug in a rug. They also double as burp cloths, ground covers, and nursing covers.

Soothies Gel Pads – Game changer. The lactation consultant at the hospital gave me some and I went out and bought more. I was fortunate enough to only have about 5 days worth of discomfort, but these guys brought instant relief!

Nursing Tank Top – The only thing easier than wearing this 24/7 in the early days is just walking around topless.

Moby Wrap – For when you just can’t lay there and snuggle your precious little snuggle-bug anymore and feel the need to get something done. Or if your perfect cherub wants to be constantly moving and you’ve worn a path in your rug from walking in so many figure eights through the living room. There is no shame in Moby Wrap naps. 

Copper Mugs and Lime

Vodka, copper mugs, and lime

I know I’m supposed to be writing about wine, but me and the hubs have been on a vodka kick lately. Especially when he turns up on the doorstep with two cases of half-gallon bottles.
Seriously, we have vodka for a lifetime. Why? You ask. Because it was on sale….for $9.99 a bottle..clearly, we needed 6 gallons of vodka.

– Shelby