I’m not going to lie, I’ve been kind of uninspired lately.

I started this blog with the intention of writing at least one post a month, and then summer came, and I got preoccupied with soaking up every second of it that I can!

Not that that’s a bad thing. I never wanted this to become a chore or prerogative. It’s just supposed to be and allow me a place to share with all you awesome mamas.

It’s not that I’ve been so busy I don’t even have time to think. I’ve literally been basking in the goodness that is a Summertime well spent; half-naked babies, early morning runs, a good book, tiki-torch lit nights on the porch with family, a crisp glass of white wine…ya know, the small stuff.

If you know me, you know my affinity for lists. Naturally, I threw one together to summarize what I’ve been up to this summer.

Things I loved this summer:
Tone It Uphttps://www.toneitup.com/
My friend introduced me to this platform, and it has really helped me get back on track with a workout regiment! They give you a daily workout to follow along everyday so you never have to guess or plan it yourself! The best part is that you need little to no equipment for most of the workouts and can do them all right from home. No gym membership required – which is a must for me since I literally live in the middle of BFE.

Younique Liquid Lipstick
I’ve been looking for a great matte lipstick all year and FINALLY found one. My close friend sells Younique and when I saw her demo of the new product I could not wait to try it out! I’m picky about my makeup because I don’t wear much, but I can tell you whole-heartedly that I love this lipstick!

Younique Liquid Lipstick

Bullet Journal
Game changer. I don’t keep one of the fancy-artsy journals that you see all over Instagram, but I do like the basic concept of the bullet journal and it’s been great! Now I don’t have three separate notebooks and agendas hanging out at home and in my purse. It’s all in one neat place. Check out this article for a better explanation.

White Wine
How about a chilled, Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay on the back porch? Yea, me too…

So this is the real reason I haven’t written all summer. And it’s not because of the show on Starz either. Nope, I’m re-reading the ENTIRE Outlander series, because I’m a nerd with a capital “N.” I’ll put Little Foot down to sleep and be faced with a decision: reading or writing… Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I chose to read and stay up way too late trying to get through another chapter. ; )

Summer’s over and with it the jam-packed weekends of plans. I had a few exciting highlights – like my brother’s high school baseball team winning State Champions, and my Wine Shop At Home Tasting Party. We decided to take a late vacation this year around Labor Day Weekend. That trip and all it’s gory detail will be coming later ; )  

I’m sad to see the summer go, but also excited for the cozy weekends indoors, watching football, cuddled-up under blankets (writing for the blog, of course).

– Shelby